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Communication Skills Training

Communication is an essential aspect of effective interpersonal relationship, team working, and achieving personal, team, and business objectives.

The effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills among other factors would enable a practitioner or manager to succeed in the workplace.

Seltics delivers communication skills training to diverse organisations and individuals and this training will enable you to gain insight into key aspects of business and workplace communication including having difficult conversations.

Course Aim

This practical one-day training gives the participant a greater insight into successful skills for written and verbal communication for business including having difficult conversations.

Course Objectives

At the end of the one-day training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the value and structure of relevant communication media.
  • Identify stages in the communication process.
  • Identify effective and appropriate communication styles.
  • Determine effective and appropriate use of tone, language, and formality.
  • List techniques of face-to-face and indirect communication.
  • Develop a personal action plan for effective communication.

Course Content

  • Concepts and methods of communication
  • Communication process
  • Value and structures of communication
  • Written communication for business
  • Verbal communication for business
  • Face-to-face communication and having difficult conversations
  • Listening skills
  • Non-verbal cues
  • Body language in communication
  • Summary and action planning
  • Course evaluation
  • Course Attendance Certificate

Duration and Time

1-day course, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Who can benefit from this training?

Anyone who needs insight and develop skills for effective and successful verbal and written communication.

Training Methods

The training course takes a blended learning approach and the training methods reflect all learning styles. There are interactive learning exercises, quiz, presentations, self-assessment questionnaire, individual and group-work, facilitation, and discussions.

Mode of delivery

This course is delivered (1) in-house; (2) training venue; (3) Virtual training room

Participants' feedback about Communication Skills training course

  • “Made me more self-aware. Interesting course especially useful with person-to-person communication.”
  • “Included everyone and created a comfortable environment for all.”
  • “Communication styles - helped me to be more aware of how others see me and how to deal with different types of people / situations. Also Pull:Push balance.”
  • “The course was revealing and met most of my personal objectives at work.”
  • “It showed how to empathise with people and how to treat them as equals.”
  • “To be more assertive and not to brush things off. To show others that we are equals.”
  • “All the objectives were covered in great detail.”
  • “I can say I will from this day forward will use all of these communication skills both in and out of work.”
  • “I have learnt how to communicate better with tenants and staff members.”
  • What did you like best about the program?: “Interaction the presenter had with us.”
  • “This has given me great tips to improve on my communication skills.”
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