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Conducting Workplace Investigations Training

“It is important to carry out necessary investigations of potential disciplinary matters without unreasonable delay to establish the facts of the case. In some cases this will require the holding of an investigatory meeting with the employee before proceeding to any disciplinary hearing. In others, the investigatory stage will be the collation of evidence by the employer for use at any disciplinary hearing.”

Acas (2015) Code of Practice, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, March 2015, para 5, page 5

Course Aim

The two-day training provides participants with crucial knowledge, skills, competence and confidence to conduct investigations.

Course Objectives

At the end of the one-day training, the participant will be able to:

  • Recognise legal, policy and procedure contexts of conducting investigations
  • Explain the process of conducting investigation
  • Explain the process of conducting interview
  • List the good practice in conducting investigation
  • Explain decision-making process based on legal principles
  • Explain personal action plan for continuing self-development

Course Content

  • Context of conducting investigation
  • Roles and responsibilities in conducting investigation
  • Legal, policy and procedure contexts
  • Process of conducting investigation
  • Preparing for investigatory meeting
  • Process of conducting investigatory meeting
  • Decision-making process
  • Reporting the findings
  • Good practice of conducting investigation
  • Summary and action planning
  • Course evaluation
  • Course Attendance Certificate

Duration and Time

2 days course, 9.30am - 4.30pm

Who can benefit from this training?

Anyone who needs to understand and improve insight and develop skills in conducting workplace investigation.

Training Methods

The training course takes a blended learning approach and the training methods reflect all learning styles. There are interactive learning activities, quiz, presentations, self-assessment questionnaire, individual and group-work, facilitation, and discussions.

Mode of delivery

This course is delivered (1) in-house; (2) training venue; (3) Virtual training room

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