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Education and Training

Seltics partner with clients to provide solutions to organisations, institutions, consortia, agencies, directorates, departments, services, teams and individuals by identifying and assessing needs, planning and designing interventions and programmes, delivering interventions and programmes, evaluating return on investment (RoI) interventions and programmes, producing impact reports, and providing other related products and solutions.

Seltics link client’s organisational or institutional strategy, objectives, goals, values, etc to relevant elements of education and training interventions and programmes. We reflect these strategy, objectives, goals, values, etc in the planning, design, delivery, evaluation and reporting processes.

Business model

Seltics' business model is that we partner with you, the client, to ensure appropriate diagnosis, needs analysis, interventions, design evaluation strategies, evaluate return on investment, produce reports, and enhance individual, people and organisation improvements.

Seltics links client relationship, learning interventions, skills and competence needs, learning programmes and evaluation to client's business needs, objectives, and goals.


Seltics benchmarks education and training interventions and programmes, and other related solutions to international and industry best practice.

Seltics ensures best fit of learning, training and development solutions to professional, vocational and client's performance and competency standards as well as occupational standards.

Professionally qualified consultants

Seltics' consultants, facilitators, educators, and trainers possess accredited professional qualifications, are highly competent with sound industry experience to meet programme and project objectives.

Our facilitators, educators, trainers and consultants are experienced in developing curriculum, delivering education and training interventions and programmes that are linked to occupational standards.

Training venues and virtual training

Seltics delivers training and learning solutions in client's site(s), or in high quality training venues, providing an environment that is conducive for personal, team, or group learning and improvement.

We also deliver virtual training courses, webinars, and coaching using tools like Zoom, Skype, Skype for Business, and Teams.

Open courses

Seltics organises and delivers a range of training courses that participants can attend in person or virtually.

Open training courses can be booked online, or by Booking Form, or phone.

View and use Booking Form for bank transfer (BACS) payment or invoice payment.

In-House training

Seltics delivers a range of in-house (whether in the training room or virtual training room) education and training interventions and programmes to our clients.

How can we support you?

We are a team of talented and committed people who strive for excellence through our Five Values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, change, and lifelong learning.

Read more about us to gain more information from training brochure of solutions that makes every difference. You can gain additional information from our company brochure as well as read testimonials and gain insight of some of our clients.

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