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We are a leading provider of consultancy, education and training, human resources (HR), organisational design, and organisational development solutions. 

We are a team of talented and committed people who strive for excellence through our Five Values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, change, and lifelong learning.

We have expertise to work and co-produce with you in a whole range of people and business solutions as we described below.

Organisational development

Our expertise in improving organisational development includes mergers and acquisitions, change management, culture change, business planning, strategy development, succession planning and talent management, business process, service re-design, and projects such as Investors in People, workforce planning and strategies.

Human resources (people) management

Our expertise in Human Resource (People) Management includes employment relations, strategic HRM, research, strategy and policy development, employee engagement, cultural enquiry, pulse and staff surveys, evaluations, projects and programmes.

People resourcing

Our expertise in people resourcing includes recruitment strategies, recruitment planning and campaign, onboarding, mentoring, coaching, retention and rewards, head-hunting, sourcing employees, and policy development.

Human resources (people) development

Our expertise in Human Resources Development (HRD) includes strategy and policy development, coaching, training and learning systems, e-learning, training process, evaluations, projects and programmes.

Leadership and management development

Leadership and management development including all varieties of coaching, facilitation, mentoring, team development, projects and qualification and non-qualification programmes.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity, equality and inclusion (ED&I) includes enquiry and diagnosis, strategy and policy development, reverse mentoring, policy development, specific projects, evaluations, and training.

Learning, training and development

Learning, training and development solutions are bespoke products, services, and solutions for individuals, teams, directorates, organisation-wide, network or system-wide, and consortia.


Consultancy of human resources management (HRM) and development (HRD), and training interventions are designed and delivered to secure personal, team, group, organisation, and network or system improvements.

Outsourcing and managed services

Undertaking recruitment and resourcing functions, identification and analysis of skills, learning and development needs, managing the learning and development function, managing course bookings, preparing learning and development plans, evaluating learning and development, and providing administration, business and back office support of HR and learning and development functions.

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