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Human Resource Solutions

Seltics human resource (HR) or people, learning and development (L&D) and workforce solutions are flexible to improve business operations, management and performance. 

Seltics HR, L&D and workforce solutions are creative to enhance business success and innovation.

Gain an up-to-date understanding of HR, L&D and workforce initiatives, strategies, systems, policies and practices through our flexible service options.

Areas of HR, people, L&D, and workforce solutions

Seltics provide HR, L&D and workforce solutions in:

  • Coaching
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employment relations
  • Reward and employee benefits
  • Strategic HR, people or workforce management and development
  • Performance management
  • Workplace and casework investigations
  • Transformation and change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Learning, training and development
  • Outsourcing, shared and managed services
  • Support with change, portfolio, programme management (including consultation and TUPE

Meeting your needs

Evidence from employer surveys and research identified areas of business needs for HR, L&D and Workforce solutions to include among others: 

  • start-up needs
  • recruitment and retention
  • resolving employment conflicts
  • identifying skills gap and improving them
  • designing job competencies
  • organisational development and culture change,
  • managing change
  • improving performance.
  • defining job roles
  • resolving employment conflicts
  • workforce planning
  • organisational design
  • optimising staff or people motivation
  • governance
  • introducing values and behaviours

Our expertise and experience

We are: 

  • Experienced and competent HR, OD, L&D, Business, and Workforce professionals
  • Experts in strategic and operational HR, OD, L&D and Workforce themes - recruitment, employment relations, reward and benefits, and learning and development etc
  • Qualified practitioners registered with appropriate professional organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Project Management Institute (PMI), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), etc

Focus of HR, people, L&D, and workforce solutions

Seltics HR or Workforce Solutions support business and organisation to: 

  • Design job, evaluate job, and grade job
  • Induct, train, improve skills, coach and mentor people
  • Improve morale, work outcomes and productivity
  • Develop specifications, implement and deliver services
  • Recruit, select, and appoint competent people
  • Supervise, appraise, mediate, investigate, and lead people
  • Design policies, procedures, strategies and schemes
  • Design and implement performance management process

How can we support you?

We are a team of talented and committed people who strive for excellence through our Five Values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, change, and lifelong learning.

Read more about us to gain more information of solutions that makes every difference. You can gain additional information from our company brochure as well as read testimonials and gain insight of some of our clients.

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