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Job Interview Coaching

Preparing you to do well at job assessment and interview

Experience the service of a Interview Coach to prepare you for your assessment and interview.

You should take up our job interview coaching service so you can compete and excel.  The service gives you an advantage over other candidates, and helps improve your chances to gain job offer.

Being good at your job and being competent are not enough if you have to compete with equally competent candidates.

You need to know about job test, presentation and assessment, how to listen and interpret interview questions, and respond through structured response by using an effective communication structure.

You need a professional interview coach to support you to prepare for presentation, assessment and interview.

Meeting your interview coaching needs

Choose the right package tailored to your needs - book now or phone +44 (0) 1223 655 671

1 hour session

1-2-1 interview coaching

Choose Skype or telephone

£99 (£82.50 + VAT)

Being professionally coached

is the smart way of preparing for and improving your chances of receiving a job offer.

Five reasons you should use Seltics to coach you?

When you book an interview coaching service with us, we make sure that it is customised to your needs with the following added value:

Highly experienced expert professional coaches

We have been coaching candidates since 2006

Practising coaches who sit on assessment and interview panels with up-to-date practice

Up-to-date expertise on traditional interview or value / competency-based interview

Money-back guarantee - we are confident of our interview coaching that we give 100% guarantee. If you do not feel confident and better prepared, we will refund you in full.

Seltics customise the Interview Coaching service to your needs, the interview you are to prepare for, and expected assessment arrangement - presentation, job test / assessment, and the job interview.

During the service, you will participate in a tailored mock assessment that combines the assessments you are expected to cover at the interview phase of your job application.

The mock assessment will help you to discover your strengths and improvement areas before your interview. The process we adopt is as follows:

Before the session:

During our initial telephone consultation with you, we gain some information about you and your objectives. We request that you send us the job description / profile, person specification and your CV. This will help us to produce a set of customised assessments and questions for you.

During the session:

Mock interview: We conduct a realistic job interview with you and provide you with live expert feedback on your responses and highlight any mistakes.

Customised Answers: Given our many years of experience at job interviews, we help you to create appropriate and powerful responses, and we work with you to get to deliver these responses confidently.

Efficient Communication: We coach you on how to listen and respond appropriately, effectively and efficiently whether it is traditional interview or value or competence-based interview.

Right Impression: We train you to use appropriate body language and rapport and integrate these to your communication style to give the right impression with confidence.

Free CV Review: During the session we will provide you with constructive feedback on your CV.

As the session is customised around your needs, you get the opportunity to practice, get feedback and advice from your Interview Coach. This coaching process boost your confidence and increase your chances of getting the job offer.

2 hours session

1-2-1 interview coaching

Choose Skype or telephone

£168 (£140 + VAT)

3 hours session

1-2-1 interview coaching

Choose Skype or telephone

£270 (£225 + VAT)

Book now 

Face-to-Face session

1-2-1 interview coaching

3 hours with DVD (UK only)

£528 (£440 + VAT)