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Organisational Development

Seltics work with clients to provide a range of Organisational Development (OD) solutions.

The primary objective is to enable business transformation and success. 

We deliver OD solutions such as action research, team building interventions, inter-group interventions, personal interventions, business process re-engineering, change management, learning and development, employee engagement, etc.

Organisational design solutions

Business process re-engineering

Seltics support business and organisations through business process re-engineering (BPR). Seltics provides BPR solutions in areas such as customer service, employee resourcing or recruitment, learning and development, people management, stakeholder engagement, working practices.

Culture change and culture management

Seltics provides support in developing, implementing and evaluating strategies, policies, programmes, practices as well as facilitating events.

We support organisations through cultural enquiry to diagnose current realities and needs, and recommend solutions that aid business success. We support culture change programmes and activities.

Learning and development

Seltics helps in the development, implementation and evaluation of learning and development (L&D) strategies, policies, procedures, systems, and programmes.

We help in identifying learning needs, learning needs analysis, planning learning and development programmes, managing the learning and development function through outsourcing contracts, and delivery of in-house learning and development programmes or events.

Performance management

Seltics has experience of developing, implementing and evaluating performance management strategies, policies and procedures, programmes and practices.
We support organisations induction policies and programmes, supervision policies and programmes, performance appraisal policies and programmes including 360-degree feedback mechanisms, development of tools and apps, and performance improvement.

Team building and development

Seltics consult, design and facilitate team building and development programmes for specific teams, management and leadership teams, and business units within organisations.
We utilise a  range of team building diagnostic tools, and we use activities to support and enhance team bonding, trust, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Seltics designs, curates, delivers, and evaluates RoI on a range of generic and specialist training programmes to support business, service or team transformation, change and development.

How can we support you?

We are a team of talented and committed people who strive for excellence through our Five Values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, change, and lifelong learning.

Read more about us to gain more information of solutions that makes every difference. You can gain additional information from our company brochure as well as read testimonials and gain insight of some of our clients.

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