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Resilience Solutions

Solutions during periods of uncertainty, transition or change

Organisations, individuals, teams, and leaders misinterpret Friedrich Nietzsche's quote: "Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger".

Organisation, individual, team or leadership adversity that 'doesn't kill' can result in greater weakness or shatter motivation, effectiveness, efficiency, performance, and productivity. 
Organisations, leaders, teams, and individuals are benefiting from Seltics solutions to support leadership, team, individual or organisational resilience.

These resilience solutions are:

  • resilience training courses for teams, leaders, and employees
  • resilience coaching for leaders and individuals
  • resilience mentoring for leaders and managers, teams, and individuals
  • complimentary solutions such as organisational development, mediation, and subject-specific training courses e.g. communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, leading and managing organisational change, mediation, etc

Resilience training courses

Three specific courses help leaders, teams and individuals to understand, develop, and utilise resilience techniques during periods of uncertainty, transition, or change.
The challenges of redundancy or threat of it, re-definition of roles and different reporting lines, team or service restructures are real, and your ability to use leadership, team and personal resilience is crucial.

Utilising cognitive-behavioural approach, Seltics provide specific resilience courses that focus on:

  • leaders, managers, team leaders and supervisors
  • teams
  • individuals

At the end of the training course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define resilience be it personal, team or leadership resilience
  • Determine responses to adverse experience, event, situation, person or event
  • Describe features of resilience at leadership, team or individual level
  • Demonstrate resilience techniques at leadership, team or individual aspect
  • List thinking, feeling and behaviour necessary for greater resilience
  • Develop resilience personal action plan

Resilience coaching for individuals, teams, and leaders

Resilience-focused coaching for leaders, individuals or teams has greater role in improving health and well-being, and direct attention to areas necessary for greater effectiveness, performance and productivity.

Pareto principle states that 80% of results come from 20% of effort, using coaching solution, leaders, teams or individuals will be able to:

  • Identify objectives that enhance better results and outcomes.
  • Define resilience competencies necessary for the leader, team or individual effectiveness
  • Develop effective responses to manage adversity, person, experience, situation or event
  • Develop resilience action plan and integrate it with other personal actions

Benefits of resilience solutions to individuals, teams and organisations

An experience of Seltics suite of resilience solutions provide the following benefits, added value, and opportunities to:

  • Fully understand leadership, team or individual resilience i.e. strength in adversity, uncertainty, transition and change.
  • Identify personal strengths and areas to develop resilience, and develop an action plan.
  • Reduce stress, conflict, absence, and negative energy.
  • Improve attendance, engagement, positive energy and productivity.
  • Improve motivation, outcomes and effectiveness.

Complimentary solutions to improve resilience

These complimentary solutions are:

  • Training courses on personal effectiveness, professional improvement, leadership and management, business and strategy development, organisational change, mediation, etc

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