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Workplace Mediation Skills Course

Course Overview

One-day training that enable the participant use mediation skills to resolve all forms of conflicts and disputes. As an early dispute resolution (EDR), the participant will develop insight into the origin, definition, types, ethics, process, benefits and techniques of mediation.

Conflicts and disputes are likely to happen in the workplace in all levels of the organisation, and with suppliers and service providers from time to time.

Majority of disputes and conflicts can be resolved when business owners, directors, managers, staff, employees, HR practitioners and trade union representatives develop skill sets to understand and apply mediation principles and techniques.

This one-day mediation skills training affords a great opportunity for participants to practice different techniques of mediation to resolve disputes and conflicts as early as possible.

The training enhances the participant's capacity to develop and implement a pragmatic approach to resolving workplace conflicts and disputes. Participants will develop skills and strategies for resolving conflicts and disputes by identifying the issues, exploring options, avoiding a blame culture, agreeing mutually beneficial outcomes, monitoring and reviewing outcomes.

Who will benefit from this course?
Anyone who needs to understand the concepts and techniques of mediation, and who wish to develop skills in mediation.

Course Objectives
At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

Identify types and principles of mediation
Explain the mediation process
List the benefits of mediation to all parties
Describe ethics, standards and techniques of mediation
Develop personal strategies that aids the mediation process
Explain personal development actions for continuing self-development

Course Content
Context, types and principles of mediation
Mediation ethics and standards
Mediation techniques
Planning a mediation meeting
Mediation practice
Summary and action planning
Course evaluation
Course Attendance Certificate

Duration and Time One day 9.30am - 4.30pm

Training Methods
The training course takes a blended learning approach and the training methods reflect all four learning styles: Reflector, Pragmatist, Theorist and Activist. There will be interactive learning exercises, quiz, presentations, case study, individual and group-work, facilitation, discussions, and mediation practice.

Book this course as in-house training for five or more people.

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